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A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach

Digging Into Laudato Si': Consider the ecological debt that exists "between the global north and south" that Pope Francis discusses on this section about global inequality.

Bishops denounce causes of health care crisis in Brazilian Amazon

The COVID-19 outbreak in the Brazilian Amazon led the Catholic Church to launch several initiatives of assistance. The episcopate has also denounced underlying structural problems within the region.

Copy Desk Daily, May 22, 2020

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Has the conservative Catholic project exhausted itself?

Distinctly Catholic: If First Things has fallen, it has not fallen as far as Rod Dreher thinks it has, because the starting point for the fall was not nearly as high as he pretends.

Vigil draws attention to class action suit on behalf of detained immigrants

Catholic immigration activists held an overnight vigil in front of the Elizabeth Detention Center in New Jersey, after groups sued its operating company for the release of detainees during the pandemic.

Would prayer services during pandemic be more helpful than livestreamed Masses?

Commentary: Livestream Masses may be sending the wrong idea. The church should consider new wineskins: ways that we can feast on God's Word while observing a temporary fast from the Eucharist.

Laudato Si' takes root in Africa, but much urgent work remains

Commentary: The fifth anniversary of Pope Francis' environmental encyclical arrives at a challenging time, especially in Africa. But much has been achieved in bringing Laudato Si' to life here.

Your thoughts on presidential apologists

Your thoughts: Our readers are still talking about the involvement of Catholic clergy in political causes in regards to that phone call President Donald Trump held with several Catholic bishops, and other leaders. 

While reopening rules get debated, the people of God starve for ministry

Just Catholic: We cannot have any expectation of ordinary pre-pandemic Masses soon, but the tease of guidelines and statements raises a false hope. And the minimal input of women to reopening plans is obvious.

Winning through the Cross

The gospel is not about winners over losers; the gospel really is about win/win—but very few get the message! I have to admit, ashamedly, that some people in the business and education worlds are better at this than some people in the church. They are beginning to understand that life cannot simply continue to be posited in terms of winners and losers. There has to be a way that we both can advance together. Mothers tend to have a head start in understanding this as a result of negotiating and compromising with their own children—whom they want to love equally and fully. The cross is a way of winning that tries to bring along our opponent with us. The cross is refusing to hate or to humiliate the other, because that would only be to continue the same pattern and reciprocate the violence. The cross is about authentic newness. It utterly reframes the human question and forces us to redefine success. What is it we really want? What is it we’re really after? The cross is about flight, though, in the sense that we refuse the usual and predictable return punch. We flee from the predicted response so that something new and transformative can perhaps happen. We run from business as usual to reset the agenda, to reframe the question in a more positive way. It is also about fight, but with a whole new definition of what real power is and what real change is.

—from The Wisdom Pattern: Order, Disorder, Reorder by Richard Rohr, OFM