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Pope establishes coronavirus emergency fund for mission territories

Pope Francis established an emergency fund to help communities in the Catholic Church's mission territories affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As coronavirus death rates multiply, these monks are giving away caskets

In response to the coronavirus, 22 Trappist monks living in New Melleray Abbey in eastern Iowa, about 13 miles from Dubuque, decided to offer pine caskets to financially strapped families with members who have died from Covid-19.

With coronavirus infections linked to religious gatherings, debate rages over worship amid pandemic

Lawmakers, religious leaders and health experts across the U.S. are wrestling with the question: Does religious freedom mean the freedom to risk infecting your fellow believers — not to mention neighbors — with a deadly virus?

Bishop Braxton retires; Chicago-area pastor named successor

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Edward K. Braxton of Belleville, Illinois, and has appointed Fr. Michael G. McGovern, a pastor in the Archdiocese of Chicago, as his successor.

Pope on Palm Sunday: Life, measured by love, is meant to serve others

With a small procession down the vast and empty central nave of St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Francis began the first of a series of Holy Week liturgies celebrated without the presence of the faithful from the general public.

Rethinking food, responding to the virus, reordering the fridge

Becoming better informed about food and the people who get it to us

Copy Desk Daily, April 6, 2020

NCR Today: The Copy Desk Daily highlights the latest news and opinion that have crossed copy editors' desks, on the way to readers.

Triage and ventilator rationing not the only ethical issues in pandemic, bioethicists say

Catholic bioethicists say clinical triage decisions are only part of many broader ethical concerns, including paid sick leave, truthful political communication and payment assistance for testing and treatment.

Join us for a virtual Triduum observance

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Every Meal as Grace

Lenten Daily Food Reflection: Treat yourself to an especially healthy meal today. Reading time: 1 minute.