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Justices lean toward including citizenship question in next census

During April 23 oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the majority of justices seemed in favor of an added question about U.S. citizenship on the 2020 census questionnaire.

Three criteria to evaluate Francis' reform of Vatican Curia

The cardinals who voted in conclave to elect Pope Francis did so hoping he would reform the scandal-plagued Vatican Curia and make it more responsive to the concerns of the universal church. Six years later, his reform proposals are reportedly to be promulgated at the end of June, although they will probably be leaked earlier. Will they satisfy the critics of the Curia?

Bishop says 'love of Christ' compels him to proclaim Gospel of life

Preservation of the family, marriage and the unborn were the main themes of the annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington April 23.

Curia reforms put priority on evangelization, synodality, cardinals say

The proposed apostolic constitution for reforming and governing the Roman Curia is expected to emphasize the church's missionary mandate with the creation of a "super-dicastery" merging two offices dedicated to evangelization.

Bannon's emerging anti-Francis movement threatens church unity

We say: Former White House advisor Steve Bannon is setting his providential magic on the Vatican, taking a shot at the pope, with the help of wealthy American and European friends. His populist nationalism remains an uneasy concept to fit into a Catholic framework

God is free to act against our expectations

Daily Easter Reflections: We American Catholics have internalized a cinematic calendar — think "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Easter Parade" — that dictates snow for Christmas and sun for Easter

Copy Desk Daily, April 23, 2019

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Michael Sean Winters rounds up political news and commentary: Washington Post checks the liberties Barr took in describing the Mueller investigation; Trump gives advice to George Washington

Francis, the comic strip

Francis, the comic strip: Springtime comes to St. Peter's Square.

The honest way to get into college is tough

I've been privileged to be a volunteer teacher for 34 years. In light of the recent college admissions scam and suits, I asked my students about their own college application process. What they wrote was heartfelt, honest and, in some cases, alarming in how deep was their anguish.